Our Mission

Chesapeake Commons empowers environmentally focused organizations with open source technologies that use their data to fuel smarter problem-solving. Our network of technologists, information designers, and software engineers are dedicated to connecting people on the ground, with the custom toolkits they need to make the world a healthier place. We provide the capacity needed to bridge environmental knowledge gaps with beautiful maps and thoughtfully designed analytics. These custom solutions spark information transparency, public engagement, and lead to better conservation decisions.

Our Progress

  Projects Deployed
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Our Services

We help Bay restoration stakeholders access, organize, and share environmental data with education & strategy, beautiful visualizations, and our open data repository.


Our team helps local government, NGOs, and Foundations access public data in an open format for Bay-focused projects.


We help our stakeholders structure new or existing data sources so they are made instantly available for analysis, mapping, and application development.


We help restoration partners share their data through integrated social media and our open developer platform, Commons Cloud.

Education + Strategy

We show organizations how to create efficient workflows around data management as well as follow and share the latest best practices in open data.


We help turn data into knowledge by building visualizations that inform smart and effective Bay restoration policy.


We openly share a variety of curated, Bay-centric data that are maintained by our network of partners and other restoration professionals.

What we are good at

Core to our program's mission is empowering others with the capacity they need to manage and share their own data in a format that is open and extensible for use by decision makers. In collaboration with our development partners, we take on a variety of open source development projects that seek to enhance data quality, availability, and lead to tangible restoration outcomes.

  • Data Aquisition & Cleanup 70%

  • Geospatial Analysis 85%

  • Map and Platform Design 90%

  • Development 66%

What our stakeholders say

Your work inspires NPCA to use data to tell compelling stories that support our air and water campaigns. Our team greatly appreciates the solid effort put into our project and look forward to future mapping and data management endeavours with the Commons.

- Ed Stierli, National Parks Conservation Association

Your team’s thoughtful design and attention to detail on Harbor Alert is going to help us use our data to share a much larger picture of what's going on in real time throughout our watershed.

- David Flores, Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper at Blue Water Baltimore