July 11, 2014 / by John

Water Reporter V.2.0 Now Available

Today Chesapeake Commons and Viable Industries completed and released V.2.0 of Water Reporter with some game changing functionality. The Water Reporter platform consists of a mobile application for Iphone (Android is on its way), a real-time data feed, and a streamlined geo-notification system. Combined with a growing network of environmental organizations our system will enable thousands of citizens to share their favorite experiences outside while addressing local water quality challenges as a united community.

Our native application consists of a live map that streams real-time activity and pollution reports right to your smartphone. The map is a fast and easy way to pull up the latest geolocated data submitted by others nearby. You can use this information to organize a stream clean up or even get out on the water with your friends. Water Reporter mobile makes it easier than ever to document and share your experiences outside. Tapping the “submit report button” launches a view that lets our users microblog about an epic paddling trip and even geo-tag keywords and photos. Once captured share the report with others in the Water Reporter Network or through social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

If you see something say something

We’ve all been outside and seen some form of pollution or section of our local waterway that can be improved. Documenting an area of concern with Water Reporter will ensure that your information will get to the right decision makers closest to scene of the problem, here’s how:

  • Just like an activity report, users can snap a photo, add some comments, and tag some keywords.

  • Based on where your area of concern is, your report will go to the inbox of the closest partnering watershed organization for review, followup, and maybe eventually remediation.

Currently we have a growing network of organizations like Waterkeepers Chesapeake, that can help solve the issue. Right now users can view their reports online and add comments to document changes to the area of concern. In the near future we will be adding functionality allowing our users to track and document their own remediation efforts with photos and even flag the report as a solved issue.

WaterReporter.org is a great way to gain insight about what people like to do outside and where pollution challenges can be addressed. Our users can access a blazingly fast real time map showing the latest submissions or a previous month’s worth of activities or pollution reports. The site’s analytics page enable users to explore trending keywords by type and even access a community of other Water Reporters. If you’re a watershed group that wants to organize a trash pickup day, you can zoom to your area of interest, click on a trash pollution report, and get turn by turn directions to where the garbage site is. Likewise if you’re part of our network, and a citizen submits a trash tagged pollution report within your watershed, all the info you need will come right to your inbox.

The Future of Water Reporter

Our goal is to grow the Water Reporter into a network of individuals and organizations who are both outdoor enthusiasts and environmental stewards. The information collected from this open data initiative will enable policy makers to make smarter decisions when advocating for access and also help locals to protect and establish a deeper connection with their environmental resources. Our web and mobile presence with Water Reporter will continue to grow and change based on the needs of our user base. It’s been a fantastic ride so far and we hope the app’s utility will enable everyone to share and protect the waterways they love.

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