August 27, 2014 / by Josh

A Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater

Protecting your local streams can start right on your own property. Working with the The Little Conestoga Partnership, Viable Industries, and The Penn State Agriculture and Environment Center, our team is announcing the release of Version 1.0 of, a new application that helps individuals create personalized stormwater management plans to reduce runoff to local tribs.

What it does

In five easy steps, provides users with digestible information on the issues surrounding stormwater and helps individuals map solutions that address runoff. Targeted at the property owner, one starts by drawing property boundaries and outlining areas such as impervious surface and areas of ponding that contribute to excessive runoff. After a few minutes of entering this property specific information, the user can place and trace practices that will reduce the amount of stormwater their home generates. At the end of the process, our app provides runoff estimates, a custom map of solutions to reduce stormwater, and a suite of healthy lawn care practices that individuals can download for later use. From assessment to plan creation, people are using to learn about their property’s runoff by experience.

How it’s being used

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, members of the Little Conestoga Partnership, and Penn State Cooperative Extensions are already integrating this important new tool as part of their outreach and education efforts. is being used to help homeowners gain insight as to where practices could fit on their property and provides a series of simple solutions to address runoff on an individual basis. This app will help illustrate the importance of local voluntary best management practices that enhance water quality, improve backyard ecology, and play a useful role in landscape design. The development of this application would not have been possible without the strong collaboration and support from our project partners:

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