Clean Water Communities

Working with Water Stewards Academy (WSA) and our partners at Viable Industries, we’ve launched Clean Water Communities, an application that helps homeowners in Anne Arundel County, MD estimate and generate plans for reducing the amount of stormwater generated by their property. WSA implemented the system as part of a larger initiative to help homeowners band together as a community and reduce stormwater runoff by 20% in a target area. In minutes, individuals are able to create custom stormwater reduction plans that provide actionable information on the most appropriate type and size of best management practices to implement.

Once a 20% reduction has been achieved and a user has progressed through the portfolio of practices, they can download their plan. This report summarizes the reduction achieved and saves the dimensions of each practice so that the homeowner can begin the process of purchasing materials for project implementation. In future versions of the Clean Water Communities system we will include functionality enhancements that will enable the homeowner to document and track progress on the various practices they install. This will enable WSA staff to verify and track stormwater best management practice (BMP) implementation in real time at the parcel level. We’ve also worked to make our parcel specific stormwater calculations available as an open service for anyone to use in their development projects.

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